What’s Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is the most rigorous building efficiency standard in the world.  Houses built to the standard use over 90% less energy to heat and cool than current modern construction.   Introduced to the world fifteen years ago, there are now tens of thousands of Passivhaus houses in Europe… but fewer than two dozen in the United States.

What’s EnerPHit?

The PassivHaus standard is extremely rigorous, and may be simply unattainable by houses that were built to conventional construction standards.  The EnerPHit retrofit standard was created with older houses in mind, with a set of of requirements that still far exceed modern code.  There are currently several hundred EnerPHit houses in the world, but none in the United States.


Two grown-ups, three girls, two dogs and eight chickens.

A 1935 neo-Tudor in Minneapolis, MN.

A passion for the planet.