The Family

That’s us!

About Paul:  While his main work is in software, his passion lies in green technology, saving the environment and his family.  Paul was certified in Permaculture in 2005 and the back yard has benefited from his expertise.  Luckily, he’s up for the challenge of redesigning the back yard next spring!

About Desirée: When I’m not homeschooling my three girls, I am a classical homeopath and owner of both Green Leaf Homeopathy and Spark Clinic in South Minneapolis.

About Us: Married on Earth Day, 2003, Paul and I have always had a passion for environmental preservation.  As the years have gone by, we have worked together to improve three old homes, make our entire back yard an edible garden, raise three girls, hatch and raise 9 chickens.  Paul’s anniversary gift to me last year was a beautiful bee hive complete with a copper roof.  Thus began our adventures in bee keeping as well!

About the Girls:  Amelie (7), Penelope(5) and Madeline(3) are the inspiration for most of what we do.  The energy and joy they bring to our lives is boundless.  As homeschoolers, they have been around and involved in all of the stages of our remodel thus far.  Learning how to use a measuring tape has been a fun lesson in our household as we’re all trying to figure out who will have the biggest bedroom!  (Sorry girls, I think Papa and I win!)

About the Boys: Sam and Ike are our precious pooches.  Sam has been with me since he was a pup, 11 long years.  Ike joined our family last December and supplies us with lots of energy and antics.

About the Ladies: Petunia, Mary Kate, Buffy, Harriet, Red Hen, Ashley, Mavis and Pearl are our dear laying hens.  They have to stay in the yard this summer and withstand the mess, so check the weekly chicken update for current stats!