The House

The House, as is

The House, pre-MinnePHit

Our house was built in 1935, in a Minneapolis neighborhood of primarily Tudor homes.

It’s been through some changes, some good, some not so much.  The most significant changes were made in the late 1990s.  As one of the neighborhoods affected by noise from the nearby Minneapolis-St Paul airport, our home was part of the “MAC Update” program.  This meant a complete overhaul of many of the homes in the area – including ours.  The updates included increased attic insulation, the addition of sealed windows and storms, air conditioning and chimney dampers.  The goal was to make the houses significantly more sound proof as the traffic at the airport increased.

This was a huge undertaking, and the materials and work at the time were probably as good as anyone could have expected.  That said, the attic is under-insulated by current standards, single pane windows are no longer installed in Minnesota, and the air conditioning air handler is located in the unconditioned space in the attic.  The updates need to be updated.

Other than the MAC updates, the house suffers from the usual maladies that afflict older houses.  The layout is awkward in places, the exterior walls are thin, and many of the interior finishes are showing their age.  None of these deficiencies were egregious enough to keep us from buying the house, but in the cold, hard light of a remodel, it’s clear that this is our chance to fix them all.